Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far do I place the straps?
A: Straps should be every 3’ – 4’ apart.

Q: How long do I cut the straps?
A: Straps should be cut 1’ wider on each side. Ex. For a 4’ walk you would need to cut at 6’, etc.

Q: Can I use any type of edging?
A: Yes, if using plastic edge, you will need to cut the nail tab that is directly over the strap. This is done to allow the strap to directly enter the APECS unit.

Q: What is the best edging to use?
A: We recommend aluminum edging. Aluminum edging is more rigid then plastic. Aluminum edging can be reversed and slid under pavers eliminating removing tabs.

Q: Do I need to use spikes?
A: No. This is the problem with edging heaving in the freeze / thaw cycle. APECS is the only spike-less system.

Q: How tight is should the strap be?
A: APECS unit should be tightened using a 15/16 socket and cranked just enough to remove the tension in the strap.

Q: Can I use an impact wrench to tighten?
A: No! Only use hand tightening.

Q: Can APEC be used for natural stone?
A: Yes, APECS has two slots to accommodate different material thickness’s.

Q: Is the strap durable?
A: Yes, the strap is polyester, moisture, mildew and rot resistant.

Q: Can the APECS unit withstand the weight of an automobile?
A: Yes, the APECS unit is a virgin glass filled plastic and is very strong and durable.